Yet perversely, colour is only one percentage of the surface areas of his sculptures or the picture-planes of

his paintings. Ninety-nine percent is covered in dense, black paint laid on in multiple painstaking layers, to the

degree that he laments of his paintings ΧΡΩΜΑ I-VI, “…these paintings have taken my soul!” His sculptures

visually translate his physiological and psychological responses to constructed space, both architectural and

natural. Yioryios sets out to capture movement through time, through space, through light, through colour. His

works are reflective of flux, of fluidity, of change; both his sculptures and paintings transform depending on

their angle of placement or location of the viewer.

Recently, in 2018, during an artist residency in Athens, Yioryios went daily to The Acropolis, sketching and

researching the Parthenon’s architecture, in particular the rise and fall in the fluted surface of its supporting

columns. And he wonders if the ‘rise’ in his new paintings is an inadvertent crossover from that architectural


Barbara Dowse – Curator